Essential Object Oriented JavaScript

This tutorial covers some JavaScript fundamentals necessary to understand object oriented concepts with this incredibly useful and versatile language. Then we build a simple memory-like game entirely with JavaScript and review some JavaScript implementations of Singleton, Factory, and Data Transfer Object design patterns.

Part 0 – Introduction. Prototypal Inheritance. Execution Context. Closure.

Part 1 – Beginning with JavaScript objects. Instantiation. Variables. Methods. Constructors. Inheritance. Scope.

Part 2 – More on Prototypal Inheritance. Static members. Instance members. Protected members.

Part 3 – The Singleton design pattern in Object Oriented JavaScript.

Part 4 – The domain model of a web application using object oriented JavaScript.

Part 5 – The PageManager object

Part 6 – The Board object

Part 7 – Creating HTML DOM Elements on demand with TagFactory

Part 8 – ItemFactory. Item. Data Transfer Object

Part 9 – Tiles. Minimizing memory usage with Multiple objects with instance variables.

Part 10 – Other UI Elements. ScoreBoard. Stats. Counter.

Part 11 РWrap up. Our  memory-like tile game.

Appendix A – Debugging JavaScript

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